All in one

One place, one phone call, we refreshingly cover all your networking, cloud hosting, IT management, security, voice services and business continuity needs. It gives us greater visibility, faster troubleshooting, and easier ownership.

Your solutions lie in our questions

Where are you heading? What are your challenges? We meet your technological needs by getting to know your business. Being vendor neutral means your bigger picture is our greatest interest.


Are you well connected?

We invest in our own network. So you can rest assured that our network systems won’t overload, traffic will automatically reroute, and your internet connection can remain a constant amongst any other change.

Private MPLS WAN
Connect all sites together and protect them in the data centre through one centrally managed firewall.

Business IP Transit
Access the web with this gateway to the world for our Managed WAN Services.

ISP / Internet Access
Get internet connection for any site to operate stand-alone.

Fibre / Copper Connectivity
Connect every site through fibre (UFB) or copper (xDSL) based connectivity, or via mobile/wireless where there is no land based connectivity.

Private APN / Mobile 4G Data
Automatically reroute to secondary failover connectivity through 4G mobile networking. Or use in sites which have no fibre or copper connectivity options.

Cloud Hosting

Do you have smart accessibility?

Run your computing environment on our NZ cloud, store your data on our infrastructure and access it anywhere virtually. You can pay for it on a monthly basis, without investing in your own hardware or software. A smart way to safely operate, store, share and grow as a business.

Fastcom Cloud
Infrastructure or software as a service, you can pay for computing resources, storage space and licencing monthly.

Compute / Storage
Infrastructure as a service, have your virtual servers hosted on our hardware.

Microsoft SPLA Licensing
Access and utilise operating system and application licencing from us.

Data Centre / Colocation
Store your equipment in our monitored, regulated and secure data centres. Utilise our Rackspace, Handovers and Smart Hands Available.

Email / Anti-Spam
We can protect you against spam, phishing, and other malicious attacks via your email.

Managed IT

Can you focus on the big stuff?

IT is a necessity, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be managed by you. From consultation to procurement to maintenance, we’ll take care of the day-to-day so you can focus on the year-to-year.

Consulting / Procurement / Project Management
Align IT to your business objectives, utilise our buying skills, and see projects succeed.

Design / Build / Implementation
Design, build and implement a solution that’s based on your requirements.

Remote Monitoring and Management
Have your network and IT environment actively monitored and updated, keeping it healthy.

Technical Engineering / Onsite Resources
Access our engineers remotely or use them onsite to fix issues, help with a migration, or deliver a project.

Helpdesk / Service Desk and End User Support
Allow engineers to help remotely or onsite with end user support on a regular or ad hoc basis.


Do you sleep well at night?

Keep safe from hackers, spam, ransomware, viruses, crypto lockers. As owners of our network we even handle DDOS attacks. And because we look after every device or touchpoint, our security has you covered across your network from your firewall and routers to servers, laptops and phones.

Network Operations Centre
Utilise help desk, monitoring and support services 24/7.

IP Transit Scrubbing
Add an extra layer of security to stop bugs before they get into your network.

Managed Firewall
Protect your business and staff from the outside world, which is full of hackers and bad actors.

Stop viruses from attacking your system, protecting information and systems with anti-virus.

Email Security
Protect your emails from spam with anti-spam and malware protection.

Voice Services

Would you like to make the calls?

Design a voice service to match your needs. From landlines to SIP lines, from PBX extensions to 0800 numbers, create a system that seamlessly connects your offices, floors, teams with each other, and (most importantly) your customers.

Managed SIP / VoIP Voice
Communicate in real time with our own network SIP digital voice lines.

Hosted / Onsite PBX
Make, receive and transfer calls with our managed PBX. Have us manage and host it in our data centre, or help you host it onsite.

Legacy PSTN Voice
Use PSTN landline, voice mail and smart phone services where fibre and SIP digital voice services aren’t available.

Business Continuity

Could you keep running, no matter what?

Back-up and recovery are two different but crucially important services every business needs, done well. We can back-up your servers offsite and recover them onto our infrastructure, so you can operate if need be from our data centre.

Backup / Replication
Reduce your recovery time with regular backups that ensure you have the right level of protection to recover in the timeframes you need.

Recovery Infrastructure
Enable the recovery of your systems and applications from backups onto our virtual infrastructure in an emergency.

Offsite Storage Target
Use your existing backup setup regime, and send it to our cloud to store your backups securely offsite with us.

Server Recovery Exercises
Test your backup with a full recovery onto our infrastructure. Identify your level of recoverability, recovery times, areas to improve and suggested actions, all in a report.