The voice of voice

Your unified telecommunications specialists

Voice communications is a specialist space that we own, helping all types of businesses seamlessly connect with each other and the world.

Talk about experienced

We have 30 years’ experience in telecommunications, most known for operating the New Zealand Police 111 and 105 numbers, and an array of our country’s retail contact centres such as Bunnings and Briscoes. Dependable is our middle name, securing the country with systems that our day-to-day businesses and emergencies can count on.

Talk amongst each other

We provide businesses with purpose-built platforms so they can communicate internally with each other and their branches, and externally with suppliers, partners and customers. Whether you need a solid phone system or complete contact centre, we’re the ones that can connect you up.

Talk shop

If you’re multi-branch, have staff working remotely or need a call centre, let’s talk. We’re big enough to get the job done, yet small enough that we care. You’re never a number in our book, our senior management team is available to you if you need them.

We help all sorts