Why Fastcom

Why Choose Fastcom?

Do you see technology as the advantage to drive your business forward, gain new customers, keep those you have, whilst increasing revenue? Fastcom turns your objectives and dreams into reality.

Outsourcing technology solutions is not a new concept; at Fastcom we like to think we offer the best consultative advice out there. This approach minimises your exposure to unforeseen events and risks around technology. It also enables your business to thrive so your team can focus on what they do best – driving your business forward. It’s much the same as your accountant being the first port of call for tax advice and forward planning – you wouldn’t be without them.

Our specialist consultative services in Network, Security, Telco, Business Continuity and IT are aimed at the medium enterprise to large organisation space; at least 25 IT seats, and we manage companies and organisations of more than 500 users.

What about Fastcom’s high performing IP network?… We own it!. This allows Fastcom the freedom to build bespoke and fit for purpose networks; the same can be said for our Private Cloud solutions from which we can bill our customers on an “as consumed” versus “by allocation” basis. Business today is all about being nimble, our customers demand and receive the very best specialist advice coupled with flexible, high value service focused scalable solutions. Our modular services meet varied business objectives with scope.

Innovators, leaders, and visionaries, and those of you who are committed to business growth with sound process, let’s start a conversation.