Education Leaders

Education Leaders

With BYOD and the boom of technology use within our schools, it’s not surprising that schools need Security measures in place they have never previously conceived. A protected and socially managed internet connection is a must, a safe online space for learning, and a secure environment for their students to work are all mandatory.

At Fastcom, we tailor our solutions to meet individual school requirements, and we understand that security is a huge piece of the puzzle. Fastcom’s FORTRESS IP Transit Scrubbing, SiEM service (Security Information Event Management) is the first and only line of defence in protecting students and schools, and encompasses: data aggregation, forensic analysis, threat correlation and real-time dashboards to assist in identifying distinctive patterns or irregular activity. This essential protection against online security threats is next level and it truly delivers.

What you will receive:

  • The Fastcom FORTRESS SiEM solution
  • Secure Internet connection
  • Web and Email filtering
  • Remote Access – connect into school servers from anywhere, anytime.
  • Technology Performance – managed infrastructure so schools get the most from the entire environment.

Check out our Case Study below