Virtual Servers

Organisations of all sizes are beginning to see significant appeal in cloud computing. They want to consolidate, leveraging virtualisation to generate cost efficiencies and increase flexibility. They want to reduce the need for capital expenditure. And they want the agility that comes with being able to dial up capacity on demand.

Fastcom Virtual Servers are a leading-edge cloud computing platform which offers the ability to provision servers quickly and effectively, whilst eliminating the need to purchase expensive equipment and also achieve operating costs which are not possible with traditional hosting models. With a Fastcom Virtual server it is easy to scale up memory, processor and storage capacity as required, without any capital costs.

The Fastcom Virtual Server platform has been engineered to deliver an ideal environment for SME and Enterprise customers alike. Optimal performance and higher service/lower cost are at the core of all Fastcom services, hence all Virtual Servers are hosted on Intel servers and Unified Storage from HP, and the industry-leading virtual server providers Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere hypervisors.

Situated adjacent to the core of Fastcom MPLS Network, the Fastcom Virtual Server platform is ideally positioned to provide direct high-speed connectivity to the Internet via Fastcom fault tolerant Tier-1 Internet connections as well as direct high-speed connectivity to Fastcom Private IP Network services.

By integrating a Fastcom Managed Firewall into the solution, Fastcom is able to deliver industry leading security to protect your servers. Built on the world-leading FortiGate UTM (Unified Threat Management) platform, Fastcom Managed Firewall offers hardware accelerated performance, the flexibility of multiple network interfaces (e.g. Internet, Proxy, DMZ and VPN), secure remote access via IP-Sec and SSL, pass-through authentication (e.g. via Windows AD) and even WAN optimisation.

And for data protection and peace of mind, Fastcom Managed Backup can be integrated into the solution. It takes full image level backups of each virtual server such that individual files or indeed an entire virtual machine can be recovered quickly and effectively. Fastcom Managed Backup is based on a number of Industry leading suppliers, such as Acronis, DoubleTake, PlateSpin, Veeam and others – each used where best suited as the most appropriate backup platform for physical or virtual server environments.

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