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Manurewa High School is a large multi-cultural school with 2000 students and 180 staff, located in Manukau, some 25km south of central Auckland. The school opened in 1960 and has built a very positive reputation in the local community as one that achieves at the highest level. Every year there are many more student enrolment applications than there are places.

To help achieve the school strategic focus to meet the learning needs of all students through effective teaching and engaged learning, Manurewa High School was among the first to join EduNet, working through their Internet partner Fastcom. VectorFibre’s high-speed fibre network provides unmetered access to educational resources for schools and other educational institutions in the Auckland area. EduNet breaks new ground for schools for collaboration and access to knowledge resources at a fixed cost.

“Our existing copper ADSL connections could not deliver the amount of speed or data the school required. At times the network ground to a halt; paying for expensive additional data did not improve our speed issues.”

– Daniel Wilson – Deputy Principal, Manurewa High School

The Challenge

To deliver the desired educational outcomes, schools need to develop ICT learning connectivity nationally and to the rest of the world.

Slow connection speeds and high metered data costs have limited the scope for online learning until now. Downloading data-intensive education materials was problematic and national assessments had to be done manually instead of online. Like other schools, Manurewa High School needed high-speed, cost-effective connectivity to other learning institutions and to the rest of the world – without limits on data volumes.

Our Solution

EduNet provides the school with:

  • 1 Gbit/s collaboration with all EduNet schools nationally.
  • 100 Mbit/s access to rich content from a wide array of databases.
  • From 10Mbit/s up to 50 Mbit/s access to the public Internet – flexible to meet the particular requirements of the school.

The school gets all this at a fixed cost, allowing teachers and students access and data volumes they need and which they could not always afford before.

The Result

Using EduNet, Manurewa High School can offer teachers and students access to the local and global services and material they need online without technology limitations or financial constraints. High-speed connectivity means the best available learning programmes can be run. The collaborative possibilities create exciting scope for innovation and seamless knowledge sharing between people and institutions. At the same time, it saves money and predictable invoices make budgeting easy.

The EduNet platform is an open design and non-exclusive. This means that it no longer matters who the school buys the access from – all the content in the network is available for everyone to access. The school can add other education networks as they come on-stream and even opt for alternative Internet packages from other providers.

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