Meet Our Team

Daniel Kinross – Owner

Dan’s role is to manage the development of Fastcom as a recognised XaaS provider and this means handling a lot of the planning, design and testing. Dan gets great enjoyment from improving business processes and delivering hands on technical services to our client base as a whole. Dan states that continually making function and process improvement within the business is objectively better as a key way to keep good staff and make clients happy.

Client engagement is a massive part of his role. A lot of that effort is in strategic consulting to partners and enterprise clients, but another element is streamlining the technical and business process to reduce the cost of sales. Dan is an entrepreneur and technical guru both and the key enabler of Fastcom’s success through the automation of the technical process and by enabling customers to initiate Fastcom services.

Throw in some other proven capabilities like staff and vendor management, cost control, HR, acquisition and integration management, new service/product development and full P&L responsibility… well, that gets close to summing up Dan’s 8 years with Fastcom. 

Dan leads by example. His desire is to know that he cares that the team are working hard, and happily provides flexibility to offset long hours worked. Family time is very important to him and doesn’t want to take that away from anyone else either. 


Craig Allison – Sales Director

Craig is a natural problem solver, always keeping the client front of mind and central to the outcome. Craig always considers the strategic landscape, while building a tactical plan to deliver maximum benefit and value to customer by consistently meeting their needs every time.

His consultative approach coupled with his collaborate style ensures that good quality solutions are delivered. A continuous improvement focus, and innovation mind-set keeps Fastcom clients ahead of their competition. Flexible, adaptable and scalable solutions to adapt to their changing business needs, fast and with ease.

With broad market experience across many industries & sectors, and organisational types means that you get access to his valuable understanding of key business drivers, competitive pressures and threats, and the challenges that many businesses face each day. A key member of the commercial team is ready to add value to your business today.

Specialities: Networking and Unified Communications; Cloud and Hosted Services; Connectivity; Security and Threat Management; IT Managed Services; Backup, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management.


Colin Kinross – Corporate Business Development Manager

Colin has accumulated skills by experience. As a design Engineer involved in many projects from materials handling to major large equipment design and build for customers Nationally and Internationally appreciates and understands the customers’ expectations to facilitate the necessary skill set personal at Fastcom to be involved at ground level to see projects to their conclusion.

Colin embraces the advancing technology which Fastcom has to offer which gives customers the needed up to date leading edge systems and products which Fastcom can deliver to meet the expectations of its clients, keeping them at the front end of performance.

  • Negotiated deals with customers nationwide creating a “win win" for the customer and the business.
  • Supplied knowledge and quality customer service to customers creating customer satisfaction.
  • Trained new hires freeing time for hiring managers and training personnel.
  • Answering and directing customers’ issues with efficiency, knowledge and professionalism.
  • Maintained and exceeded weekly customer retention and appointment rates satisfying both the business and the customer.


Glenn Dudding – BDM and Account Manager in enterprise business

Glenn is a successful senior BDM and Account Manager in the enterprise business.

He has many high-level end-user Customer and channel contacts throughout NZ and has strong credibility with them. His thorough understanding of the Customer’s business objectives and very strong understanding of ICT offerings allows him to help customers achieve their ideal outcome.

Operational improvement, proof of ROI and impact to the business are his focus. Glenn’s fundamental two beliefs are enterprise uptime and automating processes. Everything in this business is about credibility.

He says the Fastcom role is perfect for him because it just requires the BDM work that he loves.

It is not rocket science he says, give Customers more time and budget for their digital transformation journey and everything will fall into place … and have fun along the way too.


Colm Brennan – Senior Technical Engineer

Colm made the big commitment of moving to New Zealand from the UK when he was 18 and found his footing within the Telco and IT industries straight away when he joined Fastcom as a junior technician at 19.

Now at 25 years old he has been operating in both the IT and Telco fields for over six years now with Fastcom, Colm has been able to better position himself with advanced skill sets in both industries.

This has provided him with a plethora of knowledge in both fields, resulting in me being able to tackle support and deployment, in IT or Telecommunications at a high level.

Coupled with Colm’s natural affinity with leading teams of people, and running projects both small and large end-to-end, he is able to work at the highest level of standard and apply his technical knowledge across many business critical systems.

Colm enjoys managing highly critical scenarios, and he finds that he actually excels under high-stress situations, forcing him to keep on his toes and ensure no target is missed, or opportunity squandered.


Brent Addis – Sales Engineer

Brent is an accomplished and Pre and Post sales Engineer backed by 20 years experience in the IT industry Ranging from customer support to designing and deploying a wide range of equipment into a wide range of complex corporate environments both in New Zealand and Overseas.

Specializing in 3g/4g access methods, Multicast network design, remote access, network and system security, communication protocols, messaging, directory services, network design and virtualisation.

Brent has proven experience with architecting and implementing in-depth security solutions across a variety of hardware including Palo Alto firewalls, Extreme Networks switching, IPTV solutions and 3g/4g customer access gateways.

Joining us with a wealth of demonstrated technical expertise and problem solving skills, Brent has the ability to communicate on all levels to ensure deadlines and client’s goals are achieved.