Managed Voice

Fastcom provides high-quality voice communications options within our resilient, hosted infrastructure. Through SIP and VoIP Fastcom can deliver lower cost calling to any compliant onsite PBX or provide a seamless migration from legacy systems to Fastcom Hosted PBX environment.

Businesses operate in an environment where instant communication is critical to success as it ensures your ability to communicate with and meet your customer demands.

If you still rely on old, outdated on premise phone systems you are likely holding your business back! Using a disjointed and disparate array of services and hardware is not only costly and difficult to manage but it hampers the productivity of your organisation and impacts negatively on your ability to service your customers.

Fastcom managed voice service offers small to medium businesses a holistic, integrated, managed voice infrastructure that covers all of your unified communications needs.

The end result is one stress-free voice solution that is easy to understand, deploy and manage. It also provides flexibility should your business undergo change such as expansion or relocation.

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