Managed Firewall

Fastcom Managed Firewall is built on enterprise grade security appliances from Palo Alto Networks, a world leader in Unified Threat Management (UTM), configured in a High Availability (HA) cluster for maximum uptime and performance. Fastcom clients have access to a reliable and highly scalable firewall platform with a wealth of features. Connected directly to the core of the Fastcom network using multiple links, Fastcom Managed Firewall can be tightly integrated into solutions in order to deliver granular control and full use of the available features.

A discrete firewall instance is provisioned for each client with multiple interfaces as necessary (e.g. Internet, DMZ, VPN, Server). Fastcom can enable features such as remote access or site-to-site VPN termination using IPsec or SSL, network-based anti-virus, content control (e.g. disabling peer-to-peer transfers or social networking sites), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and WAN optimisation, to suit a given client’s needs. Pass-through authentication is also supported such that clients can leverage their existing Active Directory or RADIUS database, thereby avoiding the need for multiple logins and enabling client administrators to create, suspend and delete users as necessary.

Without Managed Firewall, clients typically need to maintain both Internet and VPN connections at their head office. This results in additional cost and creates single points of failure between remote sites and the Internet. As such, a solution incorporating Fastcom Managed Firewall often results in a net saving as well as significantly increasing fault tolerance by allowing remote sites to access the Internet independently of the head office whilst maintaining a single point of control for Internet security. It also tends to deliver increased performance as the default interface speed on Managed Firewall is 10Mb/s and this is easily upgraded to 100Mb/s or even 1Gb/s as subscribed to.

Fastcom Managed Firewall has been priced to ensure that it is accessible regardless as to whether it is used to protect a 250 site Private IP Network or a single Virtual Server. As such, clients of all sizes are able to leverage the investment that Fastcom has made in enterprise grade firewall infrastructure from Palo Alto Networks to protect their network and systems.

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