Managed Backup

Fastcom Managed Backup has been designed to integrate perfectly with client onsite servers, both physical and virtual environments, as well as the Fastcom Private Cloud Servers to provide seamless data protection and complete peace of mind. Fastcom Services are supported by leading edge backup and replication products from the likes of Acronis, DoubleTake, PlateSpin and Veeam – supporting both virtual and physical server environments, it allows Fastcom to recover an entire servers or any individual object from an image-level backup. Full, Partial and Incremental backups are all supported.

Fastcom Managed Backup does not necessarily require agents or special tools to be installed into the operating system on each virtual machine. Backups are enabled at the platform level and provides rapid backup and fast recovery/restore without generating any unnecessary load on the virtual machines being backed up.

All backups are stored on discrete disk in order to ensure fault tolerance from the production hosting environment. And for clients that are looking for enhanced protection to cater for their disaster recovery plan, Fastcom is able to replicate backups to another Fastcom Datacentre or even to a client site or a third party facility if required.

Rapid recovery is achieved by leveraging technology and not some bespoke third party provider solution. The service provides the ability to boot up a virtual machine image direct from the backup store without affecting the integrity of the original backup onto Fastcom hosting platforms, and present that server back onto the client’s LAN. With this done, the virtual machine can then be seamlessly migrated back to the client’s production server environment.

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