Internet Access

Fastcom operates its own MPLS network in both New Zealand and Australia with interconnects with a number of major carriers in each of these countries. This enables Fastcom to offer a wide range of access services which includes ADSL/ADSL2+, VDSL2, Ethernet over Copper, 3G/4G Wireless, Premium and UFB Fibre technologies and even Dark Fibre to suit the needs of our clients. These technologies can be used to provide clients with high speed access to the Internet via the Fastcom network.

In order to ensure excellent performance and a highly reliable service for our clients, Fastcom maintains multiple Tier-1 Internet connections and interconnects as well as maintaining high-speed peering connections with other major service providers. And of course, every element of our network has been designed to be fault tolerant, eliminating the risk of individual device failures and maximising uptime. The Fastcom NOC actively monitors the network and will take immediate action if any issues occur, before they become apparent to clients.

Internet access is now considered mission critical. Without access business generally grinds to a halt. Fastcom Access Resilience offers clients the protection they need by leveraging two discrete access services, which are typically different technologies and from different carriers, with automatic failover in the event of an outage with the primary service.

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