Email Security

Email is now an essential communication medium for most organisations and in many cases could be considered mission critical. It is important that it is available, that inboxes are not clogged with spam and that email borne viruses and malware are detected and dealt with effectively. The increasingly complex nature of email threats means that there is a need to invest in a highly evolved and very capable email security platform.

Fastcom has built its Email Security service using powerful and highly proven platforms which leverage many years of experience protecting networks against spam, malware and other email borne threats. Configured in gateway mode, the system acts as an inbound and outbound proxy for the client’s existing mail server, enabling the platform to assess and eliminate threats with both inbound and outbound mail.

A simple DNS update redirects inbound mail to Fastcom Email Security service such that it can be scanned for spam, viruses and malware prior to delivery. By adding the address provided by Fastcom as a mail gateway or ‘smart-host’ on the client’s existing mail server it will also scan outbound mail, assisting to avoid blacklisting and protecting your reputation.

Fastcom Email Security can easily be integrated into a solution that incorporates other Fastcom service elements such as Private IP Network, Managed Firewall and Virtual Server. These services have been designed to enable them to be tightly integrated so as to provide a seamless and highly secure solution for our clients with a single point of contact for support.

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