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Importance of Time in IT World

As we all know, time is a critical component in our day-to-day lives. Without time it is very hard for one to stay organised and perform daily scheduled tasks as required.

Most people would consider time important in their lives, but it is not only people that consider time important. It is a crucial aspect of computers and most electronic systems and data networks.

Why time is critical for computers?

Like people, computers also perform certain tasks at scheduled intervals, having an incorrect system time will prevent the scheduled task from being performed at the appropriate time.

System time is not only important for computers to perform tasks at the right time, but an incorrect time can affect various other services or functions of the system such as:

  • File Meta Data

When a file is created or modified, its Meta Data is updated with the time stamp of the system time. An incorrect date or time on the system can lead to incorrect Meta Data that can create conflicts and may lead to legal implications for sensitive data.

  • Meetings / Collaborations

In today’s world of technology, we rely heavily on social media, voice over IP (VOIP) and video conferencing to communicate and collaborate with each other, either in a business or social capacity. Having an incorrect time on the system can potentially create a whole lot of havoc and adversely affect our ability to collaborate with people at the required time.

  • Access and Authentication

Windows systems joined to Active Directory may prevent you from logging in to your device if the time difference on the device is greater than 10 minutes from that of the server you are authenticating against. Similarly, some online web-based applications may deny or restrict access to web pages or online applications if the clock on your system is out by too much.

  • Logging and Security

We are often required to look at operating system or application logs when something on the computer does not work the way it should. Logs are often our friends in scenarios like this because they can have some useful information that is logged at the time of the event. Having an incorrect date or time on the logs will impede administrators from diagnosing the issues fast and accurately.

Likewise, security systems like antiviruses and firewalls also require the correct time on the system in order to update their threat database and definitions, incorrect time on these systems will prevent the systems from being updated at regular intervals and can lead to lax security on the whole network.

Although there are multiple ways of setting Time on the Computers but lets look at easiest method this can be done on Windows 10, the process is roughly identical even if you are running an older version of windows.

  1. Right Click on the time in the bottom right corner of your screen and select Adjust Date/Time.
  • On the Settings window.
    • Select Date & Time on your left
    • Turn off Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically
    • Click Change
  • On the Change Date & Time window.
    • Set the new Date & Time
    • Click Change
    • You are Done and now your system has the updated/current date & time.

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