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Smart Data Networks

Fastcom provides smart data networks. We can refresh your existing data network infrastructure. Fastcom offers a Data Solutions suite which is capable of meeting any enterprise LAN or WAN requirement.

Core Ethernet Switching

Positioned at the heart of the network, core Ethernet switches provide the aggregation point between users connected to the edge switches and applications running to the data center infrastructure. The core plays a pivotal role, determining overall network availability and performance. Fastcom’s Core Ethernet Switches are primarily differentiated from others by Switch Clustering technology, which delivers simplified always-on resiliency that extends beyond the switches to empower true end-to-end application availability. Additionally, Horizontal Stacking in the server access layer and lower overall power consumption can lead to energy cost savings, crucial advantages for any enterprise. With our field-proven ability to create networks that are more resilient, needing fewer and less complex elements, the overall network design and build approach of Fastcom’s LAN switches help ensure the highest levels of performance are delivered in unison with the highest levels of reliability.

Edge Ethernet Switching

Fastcom’s portfolio of fixed-format Stackable Chassis Switches is the result of the progressive evolution of a number of historically innovative products offering converged data and voice services for the Enterprise Branch and remote sites. Within the last few years, Fastcom has completely refreshed the award-winning Stackable product line with solutions that provide greater resiliency, performance, efficiency, and flexibility. A common thread linking the portfolio is our truly resilient, high-performance Stackable Chassis architecture, which leverages Flexible Advanced Stacking Technology (FAST). The stackable architecture is just one of many differentiators making Fastcom a leader in data solutions.

Unified Branch

Simplifying the complexity of multi-location networks, Unified Branch provides a seamless experience that truly integrates your enterprise branch communications experience. The products in the Unified Branch portfolio deliver exceptional performance together with a high degree of service consolidation. Fastcom Unified Branch products provide enhanced reliability and performance along with tight integration between traditional branch devices such as Wide Area Network (WAN) Routers, LAN Switches, Firewalls, and VPN services. The portfolio also features innovative integration of unified communications functionality with support for third-party compatibility with SIP call servers and IP phones, and a survivable SIP voice platform for the branch.

Wireless Networking

Fastcom’s Wireless Networking portfolio delivers wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) solutions that can meet the challenges of today, tomorrow, and into the future. While wire remains the mainstay of office environments, the enhanced throughput and range that 802.11n offers over 802.11 a/b/g makes WLAN a viable alternative to wired networking for end-user connectivity. The series is a next generation solution that combines the 802.11n wireless standard with a new and truly unified wireless/wired architecture for exceptional results. The advanced solution delivers wired performance to wireless users, helping lower your total cost of ownership.

Access Control

Access Control provides endpoint security innovation that helps maintain end-to-end integrated security in an open, standards-based approach. Being device-agnostic, you can deploy the solution in virtually any existing environment, and offer health scans and robust authorization policies that seamlessly support LAN, WLAN, and VPN infrastructures. In addition to offering a centralized policy engine, the Identity Engines portfolio provides a suite of software-based products that deliver enhanced network access control capabilities including secure guest networking, compliance portal access and reporting and analytics.

Unified Management

Unified Communications Management (UCM) provides comprehensive network management capabilities across data and voice, and wired and wireless networks, utilizing a set of Common Services that serve as a foundation for unifying management applications. Common Services allow for common components (such as user data, database information and certificate management) to be shared without repeating the same definitions and configurations for each application. The portfolio offers single sign-on and a common look and feel, which helps ensure easy and secure access while reducing the training requirements associated with learning each management application. The result is an easy-to-use, fully integrated, one-stop-shop management portal, providing a unified view of the network, while streamlining workflows and reducing installation, configuration and troubleshooting time, system operations and maintenance. UCM simplifies the management of faults, installation, configuration, performance, IP Flow, QoS policies, telephony and messaging.